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AFCOT, Association française cotonnière.

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Appendix VI Jan 2013 and 2016


    Welcome on the ECR appendix page. You will find there the previous and last edition adopted by French Cotton Association on June 30th  2016

    Changes have been made on articles 4 paragraph 3, article 4 paragraph 4 and article 4 paragraph 5.. A detailed explaination of the changes made is available on first page of thIS appendix.

    Would you need more informations, please contact AFCOT


    To access to the rule book, please clic on the below link

    2013 EDITIONuserfiles/file/Annexe-VI-updated-Jan-2013-Art-4.pdf


    2016 EDITION ► userfiles/file/ENGL-Annexe-VI-Updated-june-30th-2016.pdf






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