AFCOT - Association Française Cotonnière

AFCOT, Association française cotonnière.

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International Cooperation

AFCOT serving international cooperation

AFCOT maintains a dialogue with other cotton associations, in particular, the European associations, ICA and the African Cotton Association A.C.A.

AFCOT takes an active part in  CICCA “Committee for International Cooperation between Cotton Associations” and lays down the essential groundwork for developing innovation, while respecting identities

AFCOT expresses its point of view on commercial and legal changes


"Les hommes peuvent atteindre un but commun
sans emprunter les mêmes voies"
Amadou Hampaté Bâ

The challenges faced by AFCOT: to make contracts more secure, to modernize regulations and arbitration, to open itself up to the world, in tune with society and its transformations...

AFCOT leads and conducts projects, alone or in partnership

These plateforms enable us:
►To communicate
►To meet,
►To juxtapose our cultures and traditions... while respecting our differences



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