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AFCOT, Association française cotonnière.

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The French Cotton Association (AFCOT) which is celebrating its 126th anniversary, met in Barcelona on October 7th 2016. Over 370 people from fuve continents took part in the event.

The day began with a seminar hosted by French Cotton Association and African Cotton Association. Debates were chaired by the president of the two associations, Georges Toby and Modibo Koné.

Following a welcome message from Alberto Durban, President of the Centro Algodonero Nacional, Ricardo Dominguez Garcia-Baquero, Vice-Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development with the Andalusian Government, provided an overview of farming in the region. Mr Garcia-Baquero gave the floor to Dimas Rizzo, representing Spannish ginners, who presented all the unique features of the Spannish cotton farming industry.

The second part focused on the Support Programme for the Consolidation of the Action Framework under the European Union- Africa Partnership on Cotton.

 The seminar was closed by Mark Rueegg, founder and CEO of the Swiss company CELSIUS PRO, which offers a wide range of solutions to prospect the agricultural sector against natural risks with specific climate insurance.

 To see the presentations of Mr Dimas Rizzo and Mrs Annick Gouba-Guibal & Mr Fabio Berti presentations, please clic on the below links.


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         Presentation  of Mrs GOUBA-GUIBAL     &           Mr FABIO BERTI





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